Our Team

Thomas Glaser BEAT Project

Thomas Glaser

Concept Manager

Thomas is concept developer and manager of the project. He has been to Kurdistan multiple times so far, and has conducted training himself. He holds a degree in Business Administration.

Saad Saad

Project Assistant

Saad is the BEAT’s representative in Germany. He manages the contacts in Germany and is a link between the funding parties and the project.

Ismail Baker

Project Adviser

Ismail is bfz’s representative and adviser for all the projects in Kurdistan Region. He supports BEAT and PISHE projects.


Brwa Aziz

Project Coordinator and Trainer

Brwa leads and manages on-site events.  He supports the advisers in Kurdistan Region, and provides training from time to time. He is one of the people who laid the foundation of the project in KRI. He holds a bachelor in Construction Engineering, and now he is enrolled in EMBA program.


Alivo Mati

Startup Adviser and Trainer

Alivo is a startup adviser and trainer in Erbil office. He has been receiving training by the project for more than two years. Alivo holds a degree in Civil Engineering, but is passionate about business. He joined BEAT at the beginning stages of the project.


Mohammed Qasim

Startup Adviser and Trainer

Mohammed Qasim is trained and mentored by Germany experts for more than two years. He has studied Software Engineering at Ishik University, and has a passion for tech-based startups. He is BEAT’s representative in Soran.


Joma Mahmoud

Startup Adviser and Trainer

Joma is BEAT’s startup adviser and trainer in Duhok. He joined BEAT just after his graduation. He has studied computer engineering at UKH. Joma has been well-trained and coached by our German business experts. He started his work with BEAT in 2017.