Ideas Lab Workshop

With the cooperation of The American Corner in Duhok, BEAT’s business and startup consultant, Joma Mahmoud, conducted a three day workshop on 16th, 18th and 21st of September 2020. The title of the workshop was Ideas Lab, and it was designed to include three important topics of Marketing and Promotion, Business Model Canvas and Market Research.

The workshop was conducted online, and Zoom platform was the medium. The aim of the workshop was to support youth development in the region, and help them start their own businesses.

This workshop was conducted in Kurdish, Badini dialect, and the American Corner managed the logistics.

How to Develop Your Business Idea Seminar, Duhok

In February 22, 23, and 25th, BEAT conducted three different workshops for three different groups of people in Duhok. The title of the workshops were How to Develop Your Business Idea.

Rico Wendler Sharing his Experience

Rico Wendler, who is a German business owner and owns an insurance company, shared his own entrepreneurial experience. He mentioned his ups and downs and the challenged that would face every entrepreneur.

During the one-day event, the participants mentioned their business ideas and received supportive comments from the other participants. Meanwhile, Mr. Wendler shared his perspective to the participants ideas in hope of developing them. “Many of the young people have very creative business ideas that could work. They just need to remember to work hard,” Said Mr. Wendler. He added, “There are plenty of chances for new businesses in Kurdistan, and entrepreneurs should take this opportunity.”

Market Research Workshop, Duhok

On February 18th 2020, Jomaa Mahmoud conducted a workshop on Market Research in Duhok. The workshop hosted twelve people. During the one-day workshop, participants were introduced to what market research is, what its approaches are, and what the components are.

The workshop hosted young people who want to start their own business and need to research their idea. Market Research is a process and tool designed to help entrepreneurs or business owners evaluate the market, and then make right decisions.

Market Research Workshop – Duhok

Joma Mahmoud is BEAT Project’s business consultant, and he also provides face-to-face consultation sessions.