Product Photography Workshop, Erbil

On March 10th and 11th, BEAT conducted two different workshops for two different groups of entrepreneurs in Erbil. Product Photography was the topic of the workshops. The aim of the workshop was to teach entrepreneurs how to take professional photos of their products with least costs. During the training, simple techniques and materials were used for taking photos of products, so the entrepreneurs could use in their marketing plans.

The workshop was conducted by Maria Johanna Fritz. Johanna has studied photography in Berlin, and he has worked with many companies to photograph their products. Now, she is a freelancer and entrepreneur who travels around the world and taking pictures.

The workshops aimed at two small groups of entrepreneurs, who participated at the workshops with their products. They also took some professional photos of their products, which they will use in their online marketing plan.

Market Research Workshop, Erbil

At KGE’s office in Erbil, BEAT managed a workshop for ten young people, who had business ideas and wanted to start their own businesses.

The workshop focused on Market Research approaches, techniques, components and benefits. Participants were introduced to the need of market research when starting a new business, or expanding an existing one.

Market Research Workshop, Erbil

The workshop was a one-day event that took place on February 18th, 2020. “Future workshops on the same topic will be provided since people are unaware of the importance of the topic, and they are unfamiliar with the procedure,” said Alivo Mati. Alivo Mati, is BEAT projects well-trained business consultant, who supports entrepreneurs and business owners in making decisions in their businesses.

Business Idea Generation Workshop, Erbil

On December 22nd, 2019, BEAT conducted a one-day workshop on Business Idea Generation in Erbil, KGE’s office. Some young and bright minds enriched the workshop by being part of it and contributing to the discussions. The Workshop focused on the sources of business idea and techniques for coming up with a business idea. Most importantly, the characteristics of a successful business idea were identified.