This section is dedicated to the materials produced by BEAT project during its working time. The materials provided here are either produced by BEAT team, or outside sources have developed them for BEAT. The project aims to produce and make available materials for people interested in entrepreneurship anytime anywhere.

Attention: The materials exhibited here are copyrighted for BEAT project. They are only permitted for personal usage. In case you needed to use them for any formal institute or educational purposes, please contact us for authorization.

Note: The materials below are publicised for personal knowledge and use. Their rights are reserved to BEAT project in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. In any case you need to use them for educational or institutional purposes, please contact us here.

Fundamentals of Accounting

Fundamentals of Accounting is a small study by Prof. Dr. Eduard Gerhardt about the principles of accounting. The text explains the terms and ideologies in simple terms, so that everyone can understand. Currently, this study is only available in English.


Marketing is a translated study from German into Kurdish. It defines and explains the basics of marketing. The handbook is defined based on the German ideology that “Customer is King”. The document is only available in Kurdish right now.


Controlling is a translated study from German into Kurdish. It is translated by Dr. Asoss M. Qadir. The document defines what controlling is and how it is best used for companies and industries. The document is only available in Kurdish.