Bus Cafe - Slemani

Halwest and Kirdar, are two young Kurds from Rania. They, among with Erbil Bus Cafe owners, came up with the Bus Cafe idea. They are stationed at Bakhtiary Road in Slemani, and they offer best coffee in the city. Know more about them here:

erbil bus cafe logo

Bus Cafe - Erbil

Established by three university graduates, Bus Cafe has been initiated in Erbil and Slemani. The idea was generated by Kani Kamal, one of the founders in Erbil, Zhedar and Shadi. In Slemani, Krdar and Halwest, have been her entrepreneur partners. Bus cafe in Erbil is in front of Sami Abdulrahman Park, and in Suliaimani it is located on Bakhtiary Street.

Cup Cake Sweets

Founded by Ammar and Farid, Cup Cake Sweets shop was established in Duhok. It was founded in 2019. They provide sweets and cakes for events.

Cup cake duhok BEAT project
BEAT project Kurdistan Entrepreneurship

Bagzada Barber

Waleed is a graduate of computer sciences. He has liked hairdressing since he was a child. It was his dream to open a barber. Now, he runs a barbershop in Erbil.

Bushra's Tailor and Ironing Shop

A young girl with her family, Bushra, came from Syria. With her sister, Lazma, they observed that a tailoring and ironing shop is demanded by the market where they live. They reside in Sharia, which is a small town close to Duhok, North of Iraq.

BEAT project Kurdistan Entrepreneurship
BEAT project Kurdistan Entrepreneurship

Auto Accessories

Sarkar Sabah, with his friend, Safin, had a passion to start their own business. But they didn’t know what to do. After conducting a market research study with the help of BEAT consultants, they decided to open an auto accessories shop in Shaqlawa, Erbil Governorate.

Ice Cream

Dilkash, who is a Kurd from Syria, has been in KRI for several years now. He has started to sell ice cream in Erbil in mid 2019. Each day, he had to push his cart 20 km’s to go to his desired place to sell his ice cream. BEAT has helped him to buy a motorbike.

BEAT project Kurdistan Entrepreneurship